Surgical Lasers

Epic S Series Diode Laser


Clinical Videos

Watch Dr. Yosef Krespi, a leader and innovator in ENT lasers, preform the following procedures with the Epic S: Nasal Polyp Reduction, Nasal Hemostasis of Bleeders, Coagulation of Hemangioma, Turbinate Reduction, Vocal Cord Polyp Ablation, and Torticollis (Pain Therapy).


Benefits of Epic S

Give your practice an edge.

  • Deliver a new type of experience for your patients
  • Diagnose and deliver care in the same visit
  • Generate new revenue with versatile treatment capabilities
  • Minimal space and overhead required to operate
  • Increase productivity and staff utilization with more time in the practice
  • Reimbursable by insurance
  • Earn incremental revenue by moving procedures from the ASC and hospital

Give your patients convenience.

  • Immediate access to minimally invasive care in your practice
  • Less trauma, less bleeding, faster healing1
  • Eliminate the hassle of coordinating schedules between multiple sites
  • Save travel time to and from the surgery center and hospital
  • Happier, more satisfied patients


Expand Your In-Office Procedures

The Epic S is capable of performing Ear, Nose and Throat and Oral Surgery:  Hemostasis, incision, excision, ablation, and vaporization of tissues from the ear, nose, throat and adjacent areas, including soft tissue in the oral cavity, such as:
  • Rhinology
  • Removal of benign lesions from the noseDacryocystorhinostomy transcanular, Open DCR
    • Turbinate reduction
    • Septoplasty, septal spur removal
    • Lysis of nasal synechia
    • Polypectomy
    • Control of epistaxis
    • Destruction of intranasal lesions
  • Tumor excision
  • Oral Cavity-Pharynx
  • Removal of benign lesions from the throatExcision and vaporization of vocal cord nodules and polyps
    • Destruction of benign pharyngeal lesions
  • Skin and Mucosal Lesions
  • Excision of cutaneous lesions
  • Incision and excision of carcinoma in-situ
  • Ablation and vaporization of hyperkeratosis
  • Excision and vaporization of herpes simplex I and II
  • Photocoagulation of vascular and dermatological lesions of the face and extremities
  • Laryngology
  • Removal of benign lesions from throat
  • Laryngeal papillectomy
  • Neck dissection
  • Pain Therapy
  • Torticollis

Laser Specifications

Unique Wavelength Calibrated for Success

The Epic S-Series features a proprietary 940nm diode laser wavelength, which is proven to be an ideal wavelength for interacting with hemoglobin and oxyhemoglobin present in oral and nasal tissues.

Diode Wavelength AbsorptionHuman tissue color as viewed in high dynamic range optical spectral transmission measurements*

Freedom to Roam

With a wireless foot switch, there are no cumbersome cables or wires to get in your way. The Epic S is powered by a lithium battery pack and provides power for a full day of procedures. It recharges overnight and is ready to go again in the morning. Portability lets you move from operatory to operatory with no concerns about power cords or electrical outlets.

Convenience in a Flash

Epic S has 13 presets that are accessible through a touchscreen interface, including a function for pain therapy. Using the fully engineered Deep Tissue Handpiece (DTHP), you can control important parameters such as spot size and power intensity, while having the ideal capabilities for temporary relief of minor pain. This compact powerhouse is always ready to perform whatever procedure you require.

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