Bone Regeneration System


The light activated bone regeneration systems have provided a new direction to entire Osseointegration process. Our published clinical research demonstrates that a daily 21 day treatment can decrease time to integrate by upto 58%. OsseoPulse treatment virtually eliminates the progressive loss of stability most implants typically experience in the early weeks after placement.

Cellular studies have shown that OsseoPulseTM treatment increases fibroblast and osteoblast proliferation compared to control. OsseoPulse? technology targets energetic photons to the traumatized and ischemic surgical site which is converted to chemical energy (ATP) in the mitochondria. In short, the OsseoPulse treatment is based on the principal of harnessing the power of photon and converting the energy into chemical energy. Entire energy is then transferred to precursors and fibroblasts, which increases the production of ATP and leads to faster osseointegration of implants. This results in faster healing of wound, better implant stability and bone formation. Clinical research has shown that the time required in OsseoPulse treatment for achieving total stability in implant bone is 58% less as compared to other dental implant osseointegration methods.



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